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200ml milk cartons

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your new mini cartons of milk, especially the chocolate milk. They are the perfect pick up after the gym, and sooo much cheaper than a rip off protein drink! I’m just hoping you may do slightly bigger ones for us big kids </body></html> Sarah E

Totally loving your new mini mill cartoons...fab to buy toddlers a ‘treat’ that isn’t juice and a steal at 35p...well done Team. I really was delighted! In fact I’ll be buying them in bulk as drinks for Jacob's birthday party next month! I hope they sell well and you keep producing them! Sarah N

Hello Jersey Dairy and the fantastic farmers. We just wanted to say a big thank you for our delicious milk that we have been enjoying for a past few weeks at school. We know that it takes a lot of money and effort to do this for us and we are so happy and excited that it arrives every week. Our monitors put the cartons on trays and even put the straws in for the little girls and then take them to the classrooms for us all to enjoy before we go outside to break on Tuesday mornings. Lots of thank yous and smiles. The girls and staff of Helvetia House School