Second World School Milk Day is a huge success

29 September 2016


Jersey Dairy have celebrated World School Milk day for the second year running with a resounding success.  

IMG 5951

Year 5 at St Martin's School celebrated World School Milk Day by watching a video all about the Dairy.

The Global event, organised by the United Nations, took place this year on Wednesday the 28th of September.

On the day itself Jersey Dairy provided a small bottle of milk to over 7,000 children across 27 primary schools all of which were eagerly received.

Some schools such as St Martin even chose to celebrate the day by watching a short video about Jersey Dairy and our beloved Jersey Cows.

Though it's a Global event the overall aim of the day was to educate children about the nutritional value of milk in the hope they will choose a healthy glass or milk over sugary alternatives throughout their lifetime.

As Jersey milk has over 20% more calcium and 18% more protein than milk from other cows it is particularly beneficial for growing children. Jersey milk offers more nutrients per penny than almost any other beverage option in the supermarket. So much so that the amount of calcium in a 200ml glass is equal to 1.5kg of raw spinach or 6 servings of vegetables!

Jersey Dairy hope the event will become a regular in the Island's calendar and go some way to encouraging a healthy lifestyle. 

Thank you to St Martin and St Clements for sending in photos from the day. If any other schools have photos they'd like to send in please do so by emailing organiser


IMG 1078

Children from St Clements School celebrate World School Milk Day

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