Jersey Dairy mark World School Milk Day for second year running

26 September 2016

Trinity School

Children from Trinity School enjoying last years World School Milk Day

Following the success of last year's World School Milk Day, Jersey Dairy hope to repeat the event this week for a second year running. 

The Global event, organised by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, will take place this year on Wednesday the 28th of September. On the day itself Jersey Dairy will provide a small bottle of milk to each child of primary school age. This year 27 of the 30 primary schools across Jersey are registered to take part, making up over 7,000 children.

Though it's a global event the overall aim of the day is to educate children about the nutritional value of milk in the hope they will continue to drink it throughout their lifetime.

A full list of schools taking part can be found below.

Mont A'Labbe, D'Auvergne, First Tower, Bel Royal, Janvrin, Rouge Bouillon, Victoria College Prep, Helvetia, Springfield, Grands Vaux, Plat Douet, St Saviour, St Michael's, De La Salle, FCJ, St Luke's, St Christopher's, St Clement, St Lawrence, La Moye, Mont Nicolle, Les Landes, Grouville, St John, St Martin, St Mary, St George's, St Peter, Trinity.