Please fill in our Contact Form and your details will be passed on to Bob Jones, our Marketing and Export Director. Alternatively, please call our reception on (+44) 01534 818500 and ask to be put through to Bob Jones.


Please fill in our Contact Form and your request will be sent to our Customer Services team. Alternatively call our Sales Department on (+44) 01534 818550.


No, we don't deliver to individual households.


Due to Competition Law in Jersey we can’t set the price of milk retailers charge once it leaves our factory.This means that the price of milk will differ throughout Jersey depending on the price retailers wish to charge.

We offer tours to some large groups. All tours are assessed on an individual basis and must be booked in advance. We also offer educational tours of the facility to school children under our Dairy Days Programme. To find out more please fill in our Contact Form or call us on (+44) 01534 818500.

Dairy Days is a partnership we have with local schools which enables local children to learn more about the Dairy and the importance of healthy eating. Children are taken on a guided tour of the Dairy by retired school teacher Valerie Nibbs before participating in a range of classroom activities fitting in with the National Curriculum. This programme is open to all year groups. For more information please fill in our Contact Form and a member of our Marketing Department will get back to you.

Yes. All products produced by Jersey Dairy are Gluten free.

Our Organic Milk goes through a number of checks to ensure it can be labelled as ‘Organic’. Whilst none of our milk contains any antibiotics, our Organic Milk comes from a separate farm altogether, certified by the Soil Association. This farm also has an Organic Certificate confirming that the farmer uses an organically certified fodder or compound feed. The cows on the farm arenot treated with mainstream drugs and like all of our farms the cows are left to graze freely and treated humanely. Finally when processing our Organic Milk back in the factory,we’re limited with the amount of sanitizers we can use on the machines.

During processing our Fresh Milk is only heated for a short period of time, at a lower temperature to kill any potentially pathogenic bacteria. This process of pasteurisation does not kill spoilage thermoduric bacteria which will cause milk to spoil after a few days. However when processing our Long Life UHT Milk we use a different type of heat treatment called ‘sterilisation’. This means that the product is exposed to a powerful heat treatment for a short time, which inactivates all relevant micro organisms and most of the heat resistant enzymes. This enables our Long Life (UHT) Milk and any other UHT products to have excellent keeping qualities and it can be stored for long periods of time at ambient temperatures. 


Along with the correct cooling, Pasteurisation is one of the most important processes in the treatment of milk. Whilst Pasteurisation processes vary from one country to another, in Jersey it is a process required by law in order to remove any potentially harmful pathogenic bacteria present in the milk. The temperature and time of Pasteurisation are strictly controlled and monitored by our Food Safety Plan, HACCP and Critical Control Point. Every batch of product processed by Jersey Dairy is tested by our laboratory which works seven days a week.

Our long life milk can be stored unopened for up to nine months. However once opened please treat as fresh milk, store in the fridge and consume within 3-5 days.

All Jersey Dairy products can be frozen to prolong their storage life whilst still being safe for consumption. If you are saving money or have a big family this can be particularly useful to know. However please note that some quality changes may occur once the items have been defrosted. Products like Butter may lose their flavour, Yogurt may lose its smooth texture or taste more acidic, Cream will not whip to the usual volume and frozen Cheese will be crumbly, a little dry and will not slice as well, but the flavour will be just as good as fresh. It is always better to freeze products in home plastic containers than in the original product packaging. Always place the frozen product in the refrigerator to thaw. Do not refreeze.

Jersey’s Government do not have the machinery needed to recycle cardboard packaging of any sort. To limit our impact on the environment we make sure to source our cartons from responsibly managed forests certified to the highest standards, set by the FSC™. To find out more please click here.

Our products contain a host of unique health and nutritional benefits, beneficial for all ages. For a full list of these please visit our fun facts page.