Our Jersey Cows

  • All our products are made with milk sourced exclusively from pedigree Jersey cows on the Island of Jersey. Our cows produce milk which is naturally lower in saturated fats compared to milk from other breeds, and has up to 20% higher protein and calcium
  • Our Jersey cows have a free range and natural lifestyle which contributes to the quality of our milk
  • All of our products have a unique and very clear provenance with full tractability from farm to product
  • Our pedigree Jersey herds can trace the purity of their lineage back to 1763
  • Every calf born on the Island is recorded in the 'Island Herd Book'. This is similar to a family tree and shows each calf's ancestry
  • The Islands herds of pedigree Jersey cows are fortunate in maintaining an outstandingly high herd health status and we genuinely believe our cows to be some of the healthiest not just in Europe, but probably worldwide. Jersey is free from TB, Brucella and EBL 
Did You Know...

Happy Cows are known to produce more milk! Our cows sleep on mattresses in their Cow sheds and even have back scratchers on hand for when they want a massage!